Off The Charts - Empty Promises

Bandito - Down South

Dead Giveaway - Prodigy

Harsh Realms - Fragile Times Above The Flood

Sweet Empire - Wire

Lotus - Story of a young Man in Conflict

Soulnerve - The Dying Light

Smash The Statues - Billion Dollar Baby

Caedere - Facing Reality

Antillectual - Work Horses vs Show Ponies

Tim Vantol - If We Would Know

We Are The Knight - Sunday Mole Ella

New Morality - Disease

Bambix - Headstrong

This Routine is Hell - Repent. Repeat

Brat Pack - Radical Development

Midnight Menace - Revive

New Pokerface - Drowning

Gutless - R.H.M.

Bodybags - Born To Be A Fuck

Cheating Death - Upperclass Sucker

Said And Done - Weight of the World

No Good Around - Worst Case Scenario

Long Way Down - Stick Around